Both consumption and production of natural gas in the U.S. were the highest on record for the month of May in 2015

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported today that dry natural gas production was the highest ever recorded in the administration’s database. Consumption was the highest on record for the month, dating back to 2001, according to the EIA’s Natural Gas Monthly.

Preliminary dry natural gas production for May 2015 was 2,283 Bcf, or 73.6 Bcf/d. This level was a 4.1 Bcf/d increase from 69.5 Bcf/d in May of 2014, an increase of 5.9% year-over-year. Consumption for May 2015 was 1,878 Bcf, or 60.6 Bcf/d, a 2.7% increase from 2014 when consumption was 1,829 Bcf, or 59.0 Bcf/d.

natural gas

While consumption and production both reached record highs in May, for the third consecutive month, total consumption of dry gas for May 2015 decreased in three of four sectors year-to-year, with the exception being electric power deliveries, which increased significantly from last May.

  • Deliveries to residential consumers for May 2015 were 176 Bcf, or 5.7 Bcf/day, down 13.3% from 6.5 Bcf/day in May 2014. Residential consumption was the second-lowest level for May on record, dating back to 1973.
  • Commercial deliveries were 159 Bcf, or 5.1 Bcf/day, a 10.2% decrease from 5.7 Bcf/day in May 2014.
  • Industrial deliveries were 603 Bcf, or 19.5 Bcf/day, down 0.7% from 19.6 Bcf/day in May 2014.
  • Electric power deliveries were 736 Bcf, or 23.7 Bcf/day, a 13.6% rise from 20.9 Bcf/day in May 2014. May’s electric power consumption was the second-highest level for the month on record.

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