13,915 wells active

The North Dakota Industrial Commission released its latest Oil and Gas Production Report today, outlining hydrocarbon activity in the state for June 2017.

1,032 MBOPD, 1,850 MMcf/d produced in June

Oil production fell in June, dropping to 1,032 MBOPD from 1,041 MBOPD in June. Unconventional development continues to further dominate production in North Dakota, as production from legacy conventional plays declined in June. Almost 95% of all production in the state is now from the Bakken and Three Forks formations.

The number of producing wells in North Dakota continues to rise, reaching 13,915 in June. This is an all-time high, and represents the fourth month in a row that the number of producing wells in the state has reached record highs. The number of well completions decreased slightly from May to June, from 66 to 63. However, inactive wells are down 53, more than offsetting the decrease in completions activity.

Gas production fell in June, averaging 1,850 MMcf/d. This is slightly below the all-time high of 1,854 MMcf/d set in May 2017. The percentage of gas flared increased slightly to 12% in June.

Drilling permitting activity continues to increase, growing 9% from May to June and 34% from June to July. Operators are maintaining a permit inventory that will accommodate increased drilling price points within the next 12 months. Over 99% of all drilling activity targets unconventional plays.

Williston producers coming to EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference® 22

North Dakota represents a significant portion of the Williston basin and a number of oil and gas companies with Williston basin operations and assets will be presenting at the upcoming EnerCom conference Aug. 13-17, 2017 in Denver.

Presenting companies with Williston basin assets include:

  • Black Stone Minerals (ticker: BSM),
  • EnerPLUS (ticker: ERF),
  • Northern Oil & Gas (ticker: NOG),
  • SM Energy (ticker: SM),
  • WPX Energy (ticker: WPX),
  • Denbury (ticker: DNR),
  • Granite Oil (ticker: GXO),
  • QEP Resources (ticker: QEP),
  • S. Energy Corp. (ticker: USEG),
  • Yuma Energy (ticker: YUMA),
  • Earthstone Energy (ticker: ESTE),
  • Samson Oil & Gas Limited (ticker: SSN),
  • Whiting Petroleum (ticker:WLL).


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