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An EnerCom exclusive interview with Nathan Conway, CEO, Fortis Energy Services. Oil and gas service companies have faced the trials and tribulations of the oil and gas industry, and Fortis Energy Services is no exception.

Oil and Gas Service Company Looks to New Decade of Opportunity - Exclusive Interview - oilandgas360

“We always face uncertainties and risks in this business,” said Fortis CEO, Nathan Conway, “but with that there is also opportunity for profit, careful expansion and reasonable optimism. The trick is to stay focused on our customer’s needs, maintain a clean balance sheet, deliver the safest services and staying ahead of the curve on equipment and wellbore solutions.”

Under Conway’s leadership, Fortis has successfully walked the industry tightrope – carefully balancing new digital technologies and operational efficiencies with market fluctuations, price volatility, tight competition, and stringent safety standards.

Despite the hard times, Fortis celebrated its seventh consecutive year of positive cash flow, with revenues up 58% since the 2016 commodity down-cycle.

“Safety is our highest priority,” said Conway.

Their commitment to safety has garnered Fortis numerous awards, including the 2019 Excellence in Safety Award presented by the North Dakota Petroleum Council.  Fortis has been an early adopter of utilizing technology within their safety program, including tools that allow stakeholders to have real time access to inspections, maintenance logs and incident tracking.

Employees find the tools user-friendly and a helpful resource that provides instant visibility to all safety processes that increase safety awareness.  “This technology has, and will, continue to strengthen Fortis’ safety performance,” Conway said.

Looking forward into 2020, Conway believes innovation will continue to give Fortis a competitive edge.  “Our management team will continue to work smart – combining human expertise and technology with the right equipment and the right crews – for a standard of excellence in operations,” He added.

Fortis continues to add strategic partners to aid in the development of cloud-based data acquisition systems. “The more data we capture allows us to provide more insight to our operations team and provide efficiencies and cost-savings to our customer base,” said Conway. “Companies that innovate and adopt new technologies will be stronger on the other end of this cycle.”

Fortis has been tracking KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for one customer that allow visibility to predict how long the next completion operation will take. Through advanced analytical modeling a few inputs can forecast how long a job will take.  “Data like this is very valuable to our customers,” said Conway. “We are now providing near real-time information that can aid in our customer’s strategic capital spending process.”

Fortis is driven by an inspired, award-winning management team with operations in two of the largest operating regions – the Rocky Mountain and Appalachian regions. The company was selected as a 2019 Top Workplace because of the unique and vibrant culture of dedication to professional development and achievement for all its employees within a safe and responsible environment. Fortis also received the 2019 Excellence in Safety Award Presented by the Dakota Petroleum Council. 

“As America’s energy sector becomes more secure due to massive volumes of oil and gas production from shale, and domestic rig counts stabilize, the 2020 outlook for Fortis Energy Services will continue to stay strong,” Conway said.  “We are committed to the American energy industry and that commitment includes keeping crews running and oil and gas flowing.”

Learn more about Fortis Energy Services at www.fortisenergyservices.com.

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