Since its inception more than seven years ago, Oil & Gas 360 has been a leader in the delivery of energy-related news, analysis, and commentary on an industry we love. 

Our goal at Oil & Gas 360 is, and always has been, to interpret the myriad of interactions in the market and consolidate it into a meaningful, insightful, and high-quality source of industry news and analytical observations.  In keeping with this goal, Oil & Gas 360 is evolving to a new subscription-based service focused on providing additional in-depth analysis and original views on the industry. We are making this investment in Oil & Gas 360 and our readers to strengthen our ability to continue providing you the quality of timely and relevant reporting you’ve come to expect.  As we transition from an entirely free industry publication to a subscription service, we continue to look for every opportunity to provide meaningful perspective and analysis to our many loyal readers.  This is an industry on the move and, as such, we remain committed to delivering our content to you in both web and mobile platforms.Please note that you will still have access to existing free content such as syndicated news and 360 Company Profiles that you are used to seeing today.  The subscription service, however, offers you more than just our original industry content; new features include:

  • In-depth News Articles
  • EnerCom’s Monthly Trends and Analytics Report
  • Company Profiles & Analytics
  • Analytical Charts
  • Industry Events / Earnings Calendar
  • Corporate Interviews

Effective October 1, 2017, all premium content will be subscription accessible, at the standard rate of $59.99/month.  Or, receive a 15% discount to the monthly rate when you purchase the annual subscription at $599/year. Thank you for your continued support of Oil & Gas 360.


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