If you follow the 360 Digital Closing, you know for the last two weeks we have been biased toward the downside on crude oil (TICKER: CL). Prices have inflated dramatically since the beginning of May that risk turning those wells that were shut in back on, just in time for 200 million BBL of floating crude to hit the markets.

This sentiment is shared by AEGIS Energy Risk, energy advisory for commodity and rate hedging. AEGIS is an industry leader in this space – a four-time winner of Energy Risk’s Hedging Advisory Firm of the Year (2017-2020).


Key Highlights:

  • Oil prices could be overinflated
  • Storage capacity has responded surprisingly well from issues that plagued last month’s oil contract roll
  • Interest Rates have dropped drastically since COVID-19 shutdown
    • LIBOR (short term interest rates)
    • Interest Rate Swaps

Highly recommend checking out more of their insights: https://aegis-energy.com/view-market-updates/

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