Lilis's Tiger #3H IP-24s above 1,800 BOEPD in 3rd Bone Spring
Permian-focused Lilis Energy (stock ticker: LLEX) said its Tiger #3H well has reached the 24-hour initial production rate of 1,821 BOEPD.

Tiger #3H – 3rd Bone Spring Highlights:

IP 24 rate of 1,821 BOEPD, including 801 BOPD (63% liquids, 44% oil), on a three-stream basis, equivalent to 239 BOEPD per 1,000 ft. The Tiger #3H was completed as a 7,634 ft. lateral with 38 stages using 200 ft. plug-to-plug spacing and approximately 1,847 lbs. of sand per foot
Lilis’ second 3rd Bone Spring well highlights another economic zone within Lilis’ core acreage
Decreased D&C cost for Bone Spring wells relative to Wolfcamp wells - The Bone Spring is a shallower target and requ...

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