Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras announces that oil production at fields operated by the Company in the province of the “pre-salt” in Santos and Campos basins reached 800 thousand barrels of oil per day (bdp) on April 11th, 2015, setting a new record on daily production. Such volume, approximately 74% (590 thousand bpd), represents the Company’s share and the remaining ones correspond to partner companies in several areas of the “pre-salt” layer production.

Petrobras reached 800 thousand barrels production per day only eight months after the first oil discovery in the “pre-salt” layer, in 2006, less than necessary to reach the same level in other areas of maritime production. It was necessary 40 years for Petrobras to reach 800 thousand barrels of oil production in Brazil, with contribution of 6,374 wells. In Campos basin, it took 24 years to reach the same production volume, with 423 wells.

Now, the “pre-salt” reached the production of 800 thousand bdp, with contribution of 39 productive wells. From such wells, 20 are located in Campos basin, which corresponds to 64% of production (511 thousand barrels per day). The remaining 19 wells are located in Campos basin and correspond to 36% of production (291 thousand barrels per day).

On the record day, 11 final production systems and Anticipated Production System were operational in the “pre-salt” area. Seven of these systems have produced oil exclusively from such geological layer.

The beginning of the Anticipated Production System installed in Buzios basin, on March of 2015, contributed to the record through a platform vessel called Dynamic Producer, which constituted the first long-term oil and gas production in the onerous assignment area. Besides such system, the startup of P-20 platform in the “pre-salt” layer, at Marlim field, in Campos basin, also contributed to such result, which will help future production increases in the area.

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