North Dakota adds most rigs

U.S. drilling activity continues to ramp up, stretching the rig rally to 22 weeks, according to Baker Hughes’ Weekly Rig Count.

Six additional rigs came online this week, bringing the total number of rigs active in the U.S. to 933. All six of these rigs were land-based, meaning there are now 908 land rigs operating in the country. Inland waters and offshore rigs saw no change, remaining at 3 and 22, respectively.

Oil-targeting rigs continue to increase their share of rig activity, adding six this week. One gas-targeting rig became active this week, while the lone “miscellaneous” rig shut down. In total, there are 747 oil-targeting rigs operating in the U.S., compared to only 186 gas-targeting rigs.

Surprisingly, horizontal rigs did not see the largest increase over the week. Instead, directional rigs grew the most, adding three this week. Two horizontal rigs came online and even vertical rigs saw growth, adding one. Horizontal well trajectories dominate American drilling activity even more than oil-targets do. This week’s count indicates a total of 782, 82 and 69 horizontal, vertical and directional rigs, respectively.

Rigs shifted around a great deal this week, and many of the major states that Baker tracks saw changes in active rigs. North Dakota saw the largest increase, adding three to end the week with 49 operational rigs. This is the largest change in North Dakotan rigs since March, when the state added five rigs. New Mexico, Alaska and Colorado each added two rigs this week, while California and Louisiana added one rig each. Oklahoma and Wyoming were the only states to lose rigs, with four and one rigs coming offline, respectively.

Permian, Eagle Ford stable

Unlike the major states, the major basins Baker tracks individually saw small changes. The Williston added three rigs, ending the week with 49 active. The Haynesville, Mississippian, Barnett and Cana Woodford all saw one rig come offline over the last week. None of the other major basins saw any change, including the Permian and Eagle Ford, where activity has been booming over the past few months.

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