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Russia’s oil and gas industry faces many obstacles in today’s market, but sanctions may be causing the most damage
For the first time in a decade Russia’s credit rating was downgraded to junk by Standard & Poor’s rating agency last week as the Russian economy continues to weaken under the weight of an increasingly bleak outlook.

Low oil prices have certainly played their part in the worsening economic situation in Russia, but it is far from the most detrimental issue facing the country. That might be hard to believe, considering the oil...

Analyst Commentary

Wells Fargo 02.09.2015
The IEA is likely to reduce its production estimates for Russia, citing the impacts of lower oil prices and sanctions. While a cut in Russia’s production is consistent with our predictions since October 2014, we do not believe this is a consensus view, thus the impact could be meaningful.

GHS Research 02.09.2015
The Russia-Ukraine situation could be supportive to the recent crude oil price rally. The previously very positive correlation between the Russian ruble-US dollar cross rate and Dated Brent has become quite non-correlated, a positive development for crude oil prices, in our view. The breakdown in Ukraine's currency could be helping provide small yet material points of improvement in the ruble at this time. The geopolitical situation continues to evolve and worsen, providing some implied support for crude oil at this time, in our view.  

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