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Climate Action 100+ has more than 500 investors and $47 trillion in assets

Climate Action 100+, a leading investor group pushing corporations to act on climate change, has added Saudi Aramco to its list of target companies.

Saudi Aramco - oil and gas 360

The group has more than 500 investors with more than $47 trillion in assets under management, and aims to engage directly with corporations which produce large amounts of global greenhouse gas emissions, including oil majors Royal Dutch Shell and BP.

It pushes companies on its list to make commitments to reduce emissions and adhere to the Paris Agreement. The company recently added nine companies to its focus list, and removed two; 167 companies are currently being targeted.

“These additions present a strategic opportunity to further curb emissions and enable the transition to a net-zero future by 2050,” the group’s chair, Laetitia Tankwe, said. “We welcome the opportunity to support signatories in these new engagements.”

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