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Source: Reuters

Chevron resumes arbitration in Thai gas dispute


BANGKOK – U.S. energy major Chevron Corp has resumed arbitration proceedings with Thailand to try to resolve a dispute over who should pay for removing offshore assets in the country’s Erawan gas field, the company told Reuters on Friday.…

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Japan LNG Buyers Talk Tough as Spot Prices Drop to 3-Year Lows

Japan LNG Buyers Talk Tough as Spot Prices Drop to 3-Year Lows

From Reuters

An inexorable decline in spot market prices for liquefied natural gas (LNG) is pushing utilities in Japan to be more aggressive in price reviews built into traditional long-term contracts linked to oil prices, lawyers and analysts said.

The …

Source: Citgo

Venezuela Faces the Loss of Citgo – and Desperately Needed Dollars

From The Houston Chronicle

Venezuela could lose its largest U.S. asset after a court allowed a Canadian gold miner to seize shares of Citgo Petroleum Corp.’s parent to satisfy an arbitration award.

A U.S. appeals court ruled on Monday that …

Source: Vantage Drilling

$728-Million Award for Vantage Drilling Upheld by U.S. District Court

Petrobras motion to vacate is struck down
By Tyler Losier

This Monday, Vantage Drilling International (stock ticker: VTGGF) announced in a press release that U.S District Court Judge Alfred H. Bennett of the Southern District of Texas had granted a

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Keystone XL: The Saga Continues

Keystone XL: The Saga Continues

TransCanada seeks US$15 Billion from the U.S. government for breaches of NAFTA – following President Obama’s decision to nix the Keystone XL pipeline

The next chapter in the Keystone XL pipeline saga is officially underway.

On Friday, June 24, 2016, …