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After Colonial attack, energy companies rush to secure cyber insurance


May 28  – U.S. energy companies are scrambling to buy more cyber insurance after this month’s attack on Colonial Pipeline COLPI.UL disrupted the U.S. fuel supply, but they can expect to pay more as cyber insurers plan to hike

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Colonial Pipeline’s shipping communications system is down

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The communications system used by shippers on the Colonial Pipeline, which transports more than 100 million gallons of fuel per day, nearly half of the East Coast’s supply, has been knocked offline.

“Our internal server that runs our …

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National gas average tops $3.02 a gallon as hacked pipeline slowly restarts


Gas prices have jumped more than 8 cents in the last week as the Colonial Pipeline shutdown disrupted a crucial artery in the U.S. petroleum industry.

The company said it began to restart operations around 5 p.m. ET Wednesday …

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Analysis-Cyberattack exposes lack of required defenses on U.S. pipelines


WASHINGTON -The shutdown of the biggest U.S. fuel pipeline by a ransomware attack highlights a systemic vulnerability: Pipeline operators have no requirement to implement cyber defenses.


The U.S. government has had robust, compulsory cybersecurity protocols for most of …