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Construction of the Salt Tanks which provide efficient thermal energy storage[80] so that electricity can be generated after the sun goes down, and output can be scheduled to meet demand.[81] The 280 MW Solana Generating Station is designed to provide six hours of storage. This allows the plant to generate about 38% of its rated capacity over the course of a year.[82]

WoodMac: Energy storage to accelerate global energy transition in 2020s

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Finn-Foley said: “The energy storage industry is in the enviable position of juggling growth gamechangers from multiple directions. Plunging costs drove speculation in the first scaled markets but as price declines enter a steadier rate, further recognition of

Carbon capture and store technologies promise to clear CO2 from power plants from the air, but a data analysis suggests CCS may not reduce levels by useful amounts. Photo by Marak007/Pixabay

Carbon capture could be climate change solution, or a waste of time


Earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy announced $110 million in federal funding for research and development of carbon capture and storage projects.

According to DOE, carbon capture and storage technologies, or CCS, are …

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Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods invest $500 million in Renewable Natural Gas

Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods invest $500 million in Renewable Natural Gas

Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods invest half billion dollars in Align Renewable Natural Gas(SM) (RNG) joint venture to become largest renewable natural gas supplier in U.S.

Dominion Energy (NYSE:D) and Smithfield Foods, Inc. announced today the companies are doubling their …

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Sandstone Under North Sea Could Store Compressed Air to Convert to Electricity to Meet Europe’s Needs in Winter: Scientists

Wind turbines pump compressed air into rocks, then use compressed air from rocks to power a turbine that generates electricity for grid when needed

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To store energy generated by renewable sources in Europe, scientists want to fill giant …