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Sandstone Under North Sea Could Store Compressed Air to Convert to Electricity to Meet Europe’s Needs in Winter: Scientists

Wind turbines pump compressed air into rocks, then use compressed air from rocks to power a turbine that generates electricity for grid when needed From UPI To store energy generated by renewable sources in Europe, scientists want to fill giant rocks beneath the North Sea with compressed air. The North Sea is home to large porous rock formations. According to a new study published in the journal Nature Energy, underwater sandstone could store enough energy to meet Europe’s electricity needs in the winter, when demand is highest. One of the problems with renewable energy sources is their variability. Solar and wind power are weather dependent. Efficient energy storage can solve the problem of variability, but current technologies for the large-scale storage of renewable energy suffer from a variety of deficiencies. Meeting inter-seasonal fluctuations in electricity production or demand in a system dominated by renewable energy requires the cheap, reliable and[Read More…]