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Publisher’s Note: Both ENGAGE and TAQ Energy will be presenting at the 2022 The Energy Venture Investment Summit presented by EnerCom and Colorado School of Mines on Thursday, February 17, 2022 on the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden, Colorado.

ENGAGE will be hosting an in-person panel discussion on digitizing the industry future at 10.00 am Mountain Time and Eric Bruesewitz with TAQ Energy will be presenting at 9.00 am Mountain Time on Thursday, February 17, 2022. 

You can register to attend The Summit at www.theenergyventuresummit.com/register-now/. For more information about ENGAGE or TAQ Energy; to learn how to apply to be a presenting company at the Summit; or for more information regarding attending The Energy Venture Investment Summit, please contact Dan Genovese at dg[email protected].   

DENVERJan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TAQ Energy, an oilfield abandonment service company, and Engage Mobilize, Inc (ENGAGE) announce a partnership to develop a cloud based operational and financial platform for TAQ’s well servicing business.

TAQ Energy & ENGAGE announce partnership to improve data transparency for P&A activities- oil and gas 360

TAQ Energy & ENGAGE announce partnership to improve data transparency for P&A activities- oil and gas 360

The combination of ENGAGE’s automated financial workflow with TAQ’s field data acquisition will improve business efficiency and lower operational costs resulting in increased profitability. The benefit for TAQ’s customers is improved visibility, accuracy, and timeliness of project execution, reporting and invoicing.  The ultimate result for our customers is a reduction in their time spent managing abandonment projects at a lower project cost.  Operators will also have the confidence that all abandonment data has been recorded and documented including required notifications for full regulatory and audit compliance.

Asset retirement presents an industry challenge as operators face a mounting financial obligation when oil and gas wells are at the end of their life.  Abandonment companies need to provide a high-quality service while minimizing cost to operators.  Part of TAQ’s approach to tackle this challenge is partnering with industry leaders in technology like ENGAGE to streamline operations for both the service provider and operator.  Another added benefit of the partnership is the development of an emissions tracking and reporting platform which will not only provide operators the emissions footprint for the operation but also calculate carbon offsets.

About TAQ Energy:
TAQ Energy is a privately held oilfield well service provider who specializes in plugging and abandonment (P&A) of oil and gas wells.  The company provides a comprehensive service offering including engineering, permitting, facility decommission, location reclaim, emission monitoring and regulatory reporting.  TAQ Energy has brought a new approach to P&A activities by increasing operational efficiencies and leveraging advanced technologies while fully characterizing environmental impacts.

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ENGAGE drives business intelligence by automating financial workflows end-to-end. Simply digitizing paper processes has been commercialized by many solutions, however, ENGAGE is the first to use predictive scheduling and data validation to reduce touchpoints and eliminate redundant processes, thus changing the way transactions are scheduled, managed, and approved. Additionally, layering on ENGAGE’s E-invoicing platform automates workflows end-to-end, from scheduling services all the way through payment processing.

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