Publisher's Note: Please join us today on Day 3 of The Oil & Gas Conference. We have fantastic presentations from Cimarex Energy, Avant Natural Resources, Core Lab, Pipestone Energy, and Project Canary. The Capital Accelerators are available for 1x1 meetings. You can watch the replay of the presentation on the conference website and they will also be available on OAG360.

The major economic shock events of 2020, including the combined effects of the global economic shutdowns and resulting demand destruction and oil over-supply resulting from the Saudi - Russia price war, has forced the oil and gas industry to research, evaluate and implement new technology.

The keys for the oil and gas industry to emerge from 2020 with the ability to profitably compete in a lower-for-longer commodity price environment must include the adoption of technology that allows producers to get more resource from each well for less capital, extend the well life, dramatically improve the efficiency of operations to lower cost, and improve corporate sustainability for greater access to capital and retain a license to operate.    

The process of moving from just surviving to thriving in 2021 and beyond will require good management teams to accelerate the adoption of proven, emerging technologies to make their best resources even better.

According to recently published quote from Chris Dinkler, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Business Automation at Enverus, “As the scramble to respond to COVID-19 and the precipitous drop in prices continues, one thing is certain: it has created even greater urgency—and opportunity—for efficiency and innovation in how we operate,” he said. “Some will wait. Others will wisely act and embrace change.”

EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference features several innovative, emerging companies offering the latest in energy technologies and innovation during the Energy Innovation Capital Accelerator Session.  The Session will feature management team presentations from high-growth companies offering proven solutions to cut costs, improve production efficiencies and enhance ESG performance. All Session companies are available for private one-on-one meetings during the conference. Investment professionals and oil and gas companies can register for the event through the conference website.

Energy Innovation Capital Accelerator Session presenting companies include:

Ajax Analytics (Environmental Air Monitoring) - Ajax Analytics is an environmental software company of unbiased scientists providing air quality monitoring, including methane and VOC.  Ajax provides a complete solution suite of hardware, sensors, monitoring, analysis and reporting. An experienced service provider, Ajax has been providing impactful environmental information to enable better conversations around complex environmental challenges with dense air monitoring networks, advanced analytics, understandable benchmarking and optional public facing presentations. Contact - [email protected].

SCFCan, Inc. (Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Recovery System) – The world’s resources are too precious to be used once and then thrown away. SCFCan recovers valuable components from waste streams using its game changing supercritical fluid extraction process. SCFCan‘s distinct advancement is its capacity to process waste in a fully continuous manner which dramatically reduces recovery costs. Lower costs lead to a broader range of waste streams that can be viably treated. SCFCan’s technology is ready for commercial application. For oil and gas drilling waste, the technology offers reductions in net lubricant oil consumption, recovered lubricant at less than virgin prices, and a 75% reduction in life cycle greenhouse gas emissions. Contact - [email protected]

Ubiterra (Real-Time, 3D Geosteering Software) – Stay in the Pay with Ubiterra’s ZoneVu cloud-based software for horizontal drilling. Connecting seamlessly to the rig during drilling, ZoneVu offers real-time data for better field interpretations and decisions through the fully-integrated, real-time 3D view of the subsurface for live geosteering while drilling. Geosteering, geology and data management all upload automatically to a single cloud-based secure storehouse with remote back-up.  Contact - [email protected]

ResFrac Corporation – (Integrated Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Simulator) - Optimize the decisions that drive economic performance: cluster spacing, well spacing, fluid and proppant volume, landing depth, parent/child mitigation, perforation design, refracs, and much more. ResFrac’s flagship product is a fully integrated hydraulic fracturing and reservoir simulator that has the capacity to model the full well life cycle from treatment through production. The ResFrac simulator has been successfully applied to optimize development decisions in every American unconventional basin, including Montney, Permian, Bakken, Eagle Ford, Utica, Marcellus, Haynesville, and Vaca Muerta. ResFrac offer licenses for the use of the software and also provides professional consulting services based on the technology and company expertise. Contact - [email protected]

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions™ (Remediation & EOR Treatment Programs) – Locus Bio-Energy is an oil innovation company bringing award-winning green solutions to the industry with proven results. Using patented production technology, the company developed the first environmentally friendly, customized biosurfactant treatments that outperform traditional solutions in safely improving oil production and reducing the need for new drilling. Each cost-effective treatment is customized to individual wells for maximum performance, requires little to no shut-in and offers benefits previously only achievable by combining multiple solutions.  Contact - [email protected]

Data Gumbo (Oil and Gas and Industrial Blockchain Network) – Data Gumbo is a massively interconnected industrial network for companies, customers, suppliers and vendors.  The network, called GumboNet™ integrates specific transactional data with automated smart contracts powered by blockchain technology.  Contact - [email protected]

Cleargistix (Digital Field Ticketing Solution) – Tired of dealing with paper service tickets and other spreadsheets and paper forms? Want to save costs? Get paid faster? Operate more efficiently? Accelerate the availability of management information? Cleargistix is helping to re-engineer the administrative business processes in the oilfield and we are starting this journey by attacking the number one enemy of efficiency and effectiveness in the oilfield - paper tickets and forms.  Cleargistix cloud-based Digital Field Ticketing Solution allows oilfield companies to digitally capture a wide variety of information in the field, including service tickets, JSAs, inspection documents, payroll forms, and expense reports, and digitally route that information through any type of workflow, saving costs, shortening cash cycles, improving efficiencies and providing real-time business intelligence. Contact - [email protected]

We will see the tools of emerging technology as a significant catalyst for the oil and gas industry’s recovery over the next few years, led by the companies that utilize these new tools to lower cost, increase recover and establish a sustainable business model. Register now to secure your virtual attendance at The Oil & Gas Conference at to hear senior management teams in the oil and gas industry present operational and financial strategies and to gain exposure to important energy topics affecting the global oil and gas industry.

Dan Genovese 

Director, Consulting Services


About the Author – Dan is a Director at the energy consulting firm EnerCom, Inc. with experience in corporate strategy, investor relations, ESG, government relations and policy.  Mr. Genovese has worked in capital markets and has experience in upstream production and downstream energy demand.

 Contact:  [email protected]

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