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Publisher’s Note: The Enduring Value of a Good Annual Report

Since our founding in 1994, EnerCom has consulted with oil and gas industry clients through the processes of writing, designing, and distributing hundreds of unique annual reports for dozens of high-level energy companies.

Annual reports are as distinct as the stories they tell. EnerCom has designed and produced award-winning annual reports that effectively connect with shareholders, clearly communicate messages and value drivers, and build trust and support for our clients. Our forward-looking business approach to design and our concentration on oil and gas set EnerCom apart. We balance cutting-edge graphic design with diligent project management to deliver graphic solutions that achieve your communications objectives on time and within your designated budget.

The Enduring Value of a Good Annual Report- oil and gas 360

The corporate annual report remains the single most important piece of information for stakeholders and a central source of information and content to evaluate a company’s performance, targets and strategy.  The annual report remains a powerful tool to communicate a company’s strengths, successes and challenges.

More than just a snapshot-in-time of a company’s financial performance over the prior year, the annual report is an opportunity to highlight a company’s key achievements, expectations for the coming year, sustainability commitment and overall goals and objectives in a format that is easily accessible by a wide range of audiences. Through a combination of compelling visuals, infographics, at-a-glance summaries and clear content, the annual report can tell a company’s complete story, from its products and growth prospects to the talents of its people and commitment to the environment.

Additionally, the shareholder letter remains an invaluable opportunity for the CEO to communicate directly to investors and other constituencies about a variety of important topics, from current market conditions and trends, to the company’s long-term vision for the future.

The Annual Report is still a pivotal communication piece in the investor communications calendar.  Recent trends in annual reporting include an overall move to simplifying the report and enhancing its content to provide a more engaging connection with stakeholders.

The way people consume information has significantly changed over the past decade.  The ability to publish a digital copy of an annual report to the company website has allows companies to extend the marketing reach of their messaging through video and other interactive web elements and tools.

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