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Publisher’s Note: REGISTER NOW! Please join us this August 17-19, 2020 on our 25th Anniversary of The Oil & Gas Conference

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented solutions, this year’s conference will be the first hybrid digital and in-person conference in our 25 years of hosting the conference. We will be bringing EnerCom’s The Oil & Gas Conference to our presenter’s and sponsors backyard in our host cities – Denver, Dallas, Houston and Calgary.

EnerCom's The Oil & Gas Conference registration is now open-oil and gas 360


What this means is that there will be a virtual component with a small (50-150 person live attendees depending on health guidelines in August for each particular city) in person audience in each of the host cities.

Presenters and attendees are invited to participate at venues in host cities or in your own offices depending on your unique situations. Companies and industry experts to present and facilitate breakout sessions that will be digitally broadcast live to all our conference attendees. One on one meetings will be facilitated over video conferencing.

This digital element will allow us to reach a geographically diverse group of investors including investment hubs in Europe and Asia.

Sponsored by:

Netherland, Sewell & Associates (NSAI) ,  ENVERUS,  CAC Specialty,  Haynes & Boone,  MOSSADAMS, PNC,  Bank of America, Merrill Lynch

About EnerCom, Inc:

EnerCom, Inc. is an internationally recognized management consulting firm advising companies on Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), investor relations, corporate strategy/board advisory, marketing, analysis and valuation, media, branding, and visual communications design.

Founded in 1994, EnerCom, Inc., was built with a vision of being a trusted advisor to the global energy industry and energy capital markets. EnerCom’s solutions are client based. Our industry knowledge supports the delivery of our high-quality, value added services. Our clients trust our experience delivering integrated marketing and corporate branding programs. We are passionate about the energy industry and our clients, and we work to generate that same excitement with our client’s targeted markets. We provide each client with market and financial analysis, graphic and design support and unmatched industry insight. We use our contacts, experience and know-how to position your company to build brand recognition that drives valuation and returns.

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