Transworld Technologies will partner with Imaginea Energy in the Jenner Oil Field, Upper Mannville

Golden, Colorado-based Transworld Technologies Inc. (TTI) announced that the company will implement its bioenhanced oil recovery (BioEOR) technology in Canada for the first time. The project is being done in partnership with Calgary’s private equity-backed Imaginea Energy, a 5,500 BOEPD producer.

TTI’s technology will be used in the Jenner Oil Field located in Alberta starting in the first quarter of next year.

Transworld’s BioEOR technology will be deployed in the Upper Mannville pool in three producing wells and one injection well currently producing over 100 BOEPD, TTI told Oil & Gas 360®. TTI’s BioEOR product stimulates microbes in the reservoir changing the conditions there and resulting in increased oil production.

To date, the technology has been used in two mature oil fields, in the Williston Basin and the Ardmore Basin. The Williston project results thus far exhibit a 28% increase and the Ardmore more than doubled production through the use of BioEOR, according to Transworld.

“We are excited to test this technology with TTI, as it has the potential to significantly reduce our conformance issues and reduce inefficient cycling of water, which reduces energy requirements and therefore improved associated emissions,” said Imaginea Energy CEO Suzanne West.

“This is done by diverting the water flow into the unswept areas of the reservoir and increasing sweep efficiency,” Transworld explained. “Using the same volume of water and the same amount of energy, more oil is contacted within the reservoir and produced to the surface; which results in a much lower production cost per BOE. The base case calculations using the various inputs have an emissions savings of approximately 20% per BOE.”

Imaginea is backed by private equity partner Lime Rock Partners.

TransWorld presented at the EnerCom conference in Denver. The breakout notes from the presentation and the complete webcast of Transworld President Karl Weber’s presentation are provided.

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