It’s shaping up to be the power of advertising vs. the power of personal phone calls.

At least that’s what the two opposing forces are doing to promote their polar opposite views of Proposition 112 as voters begin to think about what will be on their mail-in ballots which will begin to arrive in mid-October. Election day is Nov. 6.

Proposition 112 is the climate movement’s proposed 2,500-foot setback on all new oil and gas development in Colorado. If it passes, it changes state statute to make available acreage to drill so exclusive that the measure has been described by the industry, local chambers of commerce, the Wall Street Journal and others as a de facto ban on drilling.

The global climate movement-backed proponents of Proposition 112 are using people power

The global anti-fossil fuel organization sent a plea to its Colorado members outlining this week’s strategy to drive voters to support Proposition 112 during the election cycle. Ballots will be sent out to Colorado voters beginning Oct. 15.

Below is the call-to-action that the global climate group requested of its members this week:





We only have three weeks until ballots drop and Colorado will start to vote on Proposition 112 for 2,500′ setbacks from oil and gas wells. Industry has raised $30 million dollars to spread false information, that means we need to talk to as many voters as fast as possible!

Check out this video of Bill McKibben showing his support for Prop 112!

Will 100,000 Phone Calls Be Able to Stop Oil and Gas Companies from Drilling in Colorado?

Sign up here to help us call 100,000 voters tomorrow!

To get the votes needed to restrict fracking, we need an army of volunteers to help make phone calls. Tomorrow (September 25) we are teaming up with our partners to call 100,000 voters across the state of Colorado and ask them to vote YES on Proposition 112. We still need 50 more volunteers to help us reach our goal of 100,000 voters.

Sign up here to make calls tomorrow!

Phone bank in Denver, Boulder, your office or from the comfort of your home! Once you sign up we will email you with all the info you need to get set up. Volunteers will be calling all day (9am to 9pm Mountain Time), so you can make calls whenever you have time throughout the day.

Big Oil is spending millions on advertisements to sway voters and continue fracking in the state, but we can beat them with people power. 

Can’t make calls tomorrow? Sign up HERE to volunteer or join us for a canvassing event! Check out Colorado Rising’s full calendar of events HERE! 

Fill out the form and sign up to make phone calls to Colorado voters so that we can better protect communities from the dangers of fracking.

Together we can do this!

Julia – 350 Colorado

National and international climate groups behind the Colorado setback proposition include Food and Water Watch and Both green groups have given nearly $250,000 to the effort, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, the Center for Biological Diversity and Earth Guardians have also endorsed Prop. 112, the Journal reported.

The Journal predicts that if Proposition 112 passes in Colorado, the same de facto bans on energy production will migrate to other states.

Energy industry employees show their own people power at the Colorado Capitol

Colorado’s oil and gas industry turned out in force at the beginning of August to celebrate its employees and the industry’s economic contributions to the state. The  public rally held on the steps of the Colorado Capitol on Aug. 2 lived up to its advance billing as a celebration of the Colorado oil and gas industry and the people who make it work.

Will 100,000 Phone Calls Be Able to Stop Oil and Gas Companies from Drilling in Colorado?

Pro-oil and gas rally fills the Colorado Capitol grounds on Aug. 2, 2018. Estimates of the chiefly industry crowd ranged from 2,500-4,000. Photo: Oil & Gas 360.

Not a local health initiative, setback proposition’s backers are part of the global climate movement to stop fossil fuel development

Colorado Proposition 112 has been put forward as a local grassroots movement in the name of local health and safety, but the groups supporting the setback initiative are clearly part of the global climate movement, with the stated goal to end the use of fossil fuels. Some of the messages from appear below:

Will 100,000 Phone Calls Be Able to Stop Oil and Gas Companies from Drilling in Colorado? Will 100,000 Phone Calls Be Able to Stop Oil and Gas Companies from Drilling in Colorado?

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