July 10, 2019 - 12:48 PM EDT
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World Business Academy Publishes Major New Academic Study Focused on Increased Atmospheric Warming from Natural Methane Releases, Calls for Attention and Action to Lower Global Temperatures

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The World Business Academy has just released for publication a major new 31-page study addressing the dangers of the cumulative emissions from massive deposits of methane gas, kept for millennia in permafrost, glaciers and marine sediment, but that are now being released due to warmer atmospheric and ocean temperatures.

The World Business Academy believes that many climate change proponents are failing to adequately factor methane's cumulative, accelerating effect on global warming – what the Academy calls the "Methane Accelerator" – into their forecasts, proposed remedial actions and associated timelines. The Academy's study notes that upon initial release, methane is 60-80 times more potent than carbon dioxide in warming the atmosphere, and that the portion absorbed underwater before it reaches the surface adds to ocean acidification. It is estimated that the amount of methane stored globally in massive frozen deposits is about twice the total reserves of all other fossil fuels combined. 

The World Business Academy found that the release of methane in shallow deposits as air and water temperatures rise will increase global warming, leading to the release of more methane, resulting in a runaway greenhouse effect. The Academy is calling for immediate action to neutralize the Methane Accelerator effect and push the climate back to a sustainable state.

"Unless effective counter-measures are undertaken, increasingly severe weather events that occur with increasingly greater frequency are the foreseeable results of the Methane Accelerator," the study concludes.

The World Business Academy traces two previous mass extinction events in the Earth's history where the catalyst was not carbon dioxide, but the release of methane from shelf sediment and permafrost hydrates. The Academy is concerned that the planet has already reached the point where further methane releases will outpace efforts limited to merely eliminating manmade carbon dioxide emissions.

The Academy wants the scientific community to pay more attention to the effects of methane being released from thawing permafrost, glaciers and marine hydrates due to atmospheric warming, leading to more severe weather disturbances and ocean acidification. The Academy calls for the scientific community to incorporate the accelerating effects of methane in future climate forecasts and for government, business and the public to make informed decisions based on the new information.  

Download the paper here: https://worldbusiness.org/publications/whitepaper-on-the-methane-accelerator/

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