Often times it’s the private E&Ps that crack new information at the EnerCom conference. EnerCom is pleased to announce this year’s private company participants:

Fifth Creek Energy

Fifth Creek Energy, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is focused on developing assets in the Denver-Julesburg basin. In the DJ, Fifth Creek holds approximately 60,000 net cares with approximately 800 potential two-mile lateral locations. Fifth Creek acquired this acreage from EOG in July, 2016. The company is focused primarily on developing oil-rich targets, like the Niobrara B and the Codell formations. Out of its wells, the Fifth Creek produces approximately 3,000 BOEPD—over 80% of which is crude oil or NGLs.

The company intends to invest $1.2 billion towards drilling 249 well through 2021. For its 2017 development plan, Fifth Creek will drill and complete 15 extended reach lateral wells across four pads. The company’s drilling program began on June 1, with production expected in August. The company believes that it can achieve over 10,000 BOEPD by the end of December.

In its development program, Fifth Creek will also be testing the Niobrara C formation which—if production potential is proved—may offer upwards of 385 potential drilling locations.

Laramie Energy

Laramie Energy, another Denver-based E&P company, is focused primarily in the Piceance basin. There, Laramie holds more than 136,000 net acres out of which it produces 140 Mmcfe per day. Laramie has become the third largest producer in the Piceance, with plenty of remaining room to expand—having 37 Tcf of estimated remaining resources.

Laramie Energy came to existence following the sale of Laramie I to Plains Exploration and Production. Many of the managers and staff members from Laramie I formed the new Laramie Energy and, together in June, 2007, capitalized on underdeveloped acreage in Garfield County, Colorado—where it has since built production out of the Piceance basin.

Laramie’s Piceance production is focused in the Williams Fork Tight Gas sand play and the Mancos Shale gas play.

Anschutz Exploration Corporation & Anschutz Oil Company

Anschutz Exploration Corporation produces out of the Piceance, DJ, Powder River, and San Juan basins.

The vast majority of Anschutz’s focus has been on its Powder River basin assets, where it holds approximately 330,000 net acres. In that acreage, it is currently running two drilling rigs, both of which are contracted out to Q4 of 2017.

Joseph DeDominic, president and COO of Anschutz, was enthusiastic about the company’s growing potential in the Powder River basin—noting that the Powder River basin has shown “good production growth over the past three or four years,” and that it was “growing at similar rates as the Permian basin” when the company normalized public Permian data to its Powder River data.

Anschutz will speak more about its Powder River basin assets during its panel at EnerCom’s The Oil and Gas Conference® August 13-17, 2017.

Great Western Oil & Gas

With over 14,000 BOEPD in production out of its Denver-Julesberg basin assets, Denver-based Great Western Oil & Gas numbers as the seventh largest producer in the Wattenberg field and is within the top 100 drillers in the U.S.

In its DJ acreage, the Great Western has drilled 460 operating wells, with over 1,000 potential drilling locations in inventory. Great Western has over $1 billion in assets, and is backed by Broe group.

Great Western’s operations are largely focused in the western flank of the Wattenberg—with much of the focus going towards its acreage in Adams County, Colorado, where it has a large degree of familiarity with the permitting process and where takeaway opportunities can best benefit its production. The company is also focusing near its Windsor-Greeley acreage, where it began its operations.

Between the two focus areas, Great Western has two drilling rigs contracted drilling on two pads, with a third on the way.

Caerus Oil & Gas

Concentrated on developing natural gas out of its Rocky Mountain acreage, Caerus Oil & Gas has built the majority of its producing acreage out of the Piceance basin. Its Piceance assets number over 550,000 net acres. The company’s website reports production at approximately 83 Mmcfe per day. Caerus assembled significant acreage in the Piceance through its agreement to purchase Encana’s assets in the area.

In the Piceance basin, Caerus holds over 4,000 producing wells and has estimated that more than 7,000 future potential drilling locations exist in its acreage there.

Outside of its Piceance acreage, the company holds acreage in the Denver-Julesburg basin in eastern Colorado and in the Green River basin in southwest Wyoming.

Bison Oil & Gas

Bison Oil & Gas operates in three major areas, those being Colorado’s Denver-Julesburg basin, Wyoming’s Powder River basin, and New Mexico’s San Juan basin. The company was formed in 2015 and backed with up to $80 million in capital funding by Carnelian Energy Capital.

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