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Source: CNBC

Climate policies could spark an ‘even worse’ energy crisis, Saudi finance minister says


Saudi Arabia’s finance minister has told CNBC that an “even worse” energy crisis could be triggered if the world is not careful with its climate policies.

“If we are not careful about what we are doing to achieve our

Source: World Oil

Biden’s net-zero climate policies drive a 23% hike in U.S. coal usage

World Oil

NEW YORK (Bloomberg) –Donald Trump vowed to revive the coal industry, but it’s President Joe Biden who’s driving a big comeback of the dirtiest fossil fuel.

U.S. power plants are on track to burn 23% more coal this …

Source: Reuters

Total quits top U.S. oil lobby over climate policies


LONDON – France’s Total SE on Friday became the first major global energy company to quit the main U.S. oil and gas lobby due to disagreements over its climate policies and support for easing drilling regulations.

Total said it …

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Solar stocks drop as election results dim prospects for climate policies like Green New Deal


While the broad market rallied on Wednesday, a number of renewable energy companies retreated on concern that a Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to pursue pro-climate policies.

First Solar, a manufacturer of solar panels, dropped 8.6%, while home solar …